Winning Slot Machine Strategies

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013     Posted by Roger
Casino Slot Machine Strategies
It was much easier to win in the old days when the slot machines were not as technically advanced and cheat-proof. It allowed for many strategies to come about - not necessarily the most honest but nonetheless, they were ways of winning and that's all that counts, right? Given the strict rules of casino games today, it has become a much more difficult task to come up with a working strategy.

As each game was introduced at the casinos, although it was thoroughly thought through to guarantee a profit for the house, it still needed to be tested by the public. As is the case with anything new that comes out on the market, testing is the key to success and also an opportunity that can be taken advantage of. There were quite a few slot machine strategies when they were first introduced, from using magnetic devices to drilling holes in the side of the machine to have some kind of effect on the mechanism. At one time, someone had discovered (and this was also legal) a way of pulling the lever that controlled the drop of the reels. This of course put many slot players at an advantage, but the casinos didn't lose too much before they caught onto the scheme and modified the machines enough to eliminate this advantage.

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Today, slot machine strategies are hard to come by, at least ones that have a positive effect if any at all. But, it's not entirely impossible to come up with one if you put your mind and logic to it. When thinking of what would make a good slots player, three aspects should be considered: the type of slot machine you play, your bankroll, and your betting style. Paying a close attention to these will get you far.

Slot Machine

The type of machine that you sit down at decides your fate to a large degree. Some are winners but most are losers. One of the most important things to look out for when selecting a slot machine is the payout table. Are you getting your money's worth? Does the maximum/minimum betting requirement support your betting style and bankroll?


Paying attention to your bankroll should be incorporated into each of the slot machine strategies you have come across in the past. If you are considering a particular strategy, yet it fails to mention this very important step, you can consider it a lost cause. Your bankroll and the type of slot machine go hand in hand, as the amount of time you can play a slot machine is based on these two factors so be sure to pick them carefully. Once your bankroll runs out, say your good-byes to your dear old friend and go home. It may be hard to leave empty-handed but it's better than empty-handed AND in debt.

Betting Style

There's not much to say other than always, always bet the maximum coins. The payout is much better if you do win and this is the only way to get your hands the jackpot. There have been too many players that got the magic reel line-up only to discover that they only played one coin. It's a disheartening feeling, believe me.