Learn to Play Craps - an Introduction

Thursday, July 18th, 2013     Posted by Roger
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Welcome to ApprovedCasinos.com's introduction to the game of craps. You should start on this page if you haven't played before, and are curious about stepping up to the table. We'll cover the basics of what you should know before you learn to play craps. Some things you only need to be aware of to play at a land based casino, so if you're interested specifically in game-play, you can try your hand at online craps and do away with the superstitions of a real table.

Unfortunately, one of the hardest things to get used to when you learn to play craps is the language used around the table. It's rather specific to the game, and often isn't spoken slowly. Don't let this intimidate you however, the basics of the game are very easy to follow, and while all of the complex language is pretty unnecessary, you'll learn what you need to quickly enough.

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Craps is played on a large, long, felt covered table marked off with a number of different betting areas. In the center of the table there is a square section where wagers known as 'proposition bets' are made. On either side of this square section is a mirror image of the area containing the rest of the available bets. Players stand around either end of the table where they can place most bets themselves. The inside section is only accessible to dealers, and proposition bets are always placed through a dealer.

Casino Craps Table Explanation

The essence of the game is that a player known as the shooter throws two dice down the length of the board, bouncing them off of the back wall, to produce a total. That shooter has placed a bet that the dice total will fall within a certain set of numbers, and all of the other players on the table are betting either 'with the dice' (so they win when the shooter does), or 'against the dice' (so they win when the shooter looses). Each player is allowed to participate in throwing the dice as they are passed around the table with each new session.

From the start of the time that you receive the dice, to the time when you have to give them up, is known as a 'session'. The first roll of a session is called the 'come out roll'. Before a shooter can make a come-out roll, they need to make what is called a 'pass line bet'. The pass line bet is the most common bet in all the game, and one that you'll make a great number of times as you learn to play craps. It is covered in more detail on the next page that you should read -> the pass line bet and beyond

As you move on, may we recommend that as you learn to play craps, you start up a session of our free shockwave craps game. Placing each bet on a virtual board will make everything you read a little clearer. Before you move on however, there are a few phrases you'll likely hear around the table that you might be curious about:

"Please hit the back wall!"

This phrase is being directed at the shooter because they have failed the throw the dice hard enough to bounce off of the far end of the craps table. Some dice setters may become so good at throwing, the casino needs to see the dice bounce off of the jagged wall to ensure they aren't being cheated.

"Don't hit the chips"

This phrase is also being directed at the shooter because they have thrown the dice into the betting area (which you always have to do) and knocked some bets around. Sometimes this is unavoidable, but if you're particularly bad for it, the dealers will let you know. Restacking bets slows down the game, which most players don't appreciated.

"Cocktails anyone?"

This phrase is coming from the cocktail waitress. In most American casinos alcohol is provided for free for table players and some machine players. If you're playing and a cocktail waitress comes by, just ask for your favorite drink. When they return, you don't have to pay, but it's customary to tip.